The Wild Heart Experience 


Don’t worry, I won’t shove you in front of my lens and scream “GO.” My approach is to learn your sparks. What you love about another or how you show that love. Incorporating your spark with movement and action leads to those authentic captures. Sure we’ll run around and chase each other but I also love getting you close and cozy to capture your intimate side as well. Of course every couple is different, which is what makes this job so beautiful, so that is why I love building friendships with my couples. Taking the time to get to know you both enhances every aspect of the experience I provide. This is why I am passionate about working alongside passionate people. It makes for the best experience for all involved.

When it comes to “posing” I take a far more candid approach.

Being in front of my lens...

I've been capturing weddings for 8 years now. What an amazing honor! Each year I grow further into my craft and my personalized approach to a wedding day. I work best with those who want to create alongside me. And hey if you're a little shy, there's plenty of room for you here as well! I strive for a timeless style, infused with color and finished with a filmy kiss. I love the traditional and the non-traditional. I treasure kind hearts and creative minds. Being able to push myself artistically through the trust of my couples is something I prioritize within my photography experience. 

Capturing authentic people is my specialty. I love ALL love. I work best with those that are willing to get wild with me.

Are we a match made in heaven?

book it, baby

My Editing Style...

Every couple, moment and day holds so many variables that make them one of a kind. I edit accordingly. Each story holds remarkable detail and my goal is to honor each of my couples by capturing the feeling with purity and intention. Honoring the colors, lighting and skin tones will always remain constant within my work.

Capturing the feeling of your moment is my priority above all.

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